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The use of Silicon rubber mould technology allows us to recreate many textures, natural finishes and complex shapes. The flexibility of Silicon rubber allows Designers to combine both functionality and visual appearance without the common constraints of undercuts and negative draft angles. In addition it provides an ideal medium for introducing minor changes to detail at the development stage without major re -tooling charges.
For flexible Integral skin applications the introduction of structural armatures in the production of armrests is something that we specialise in; producing our own MDF armatures in - house. G eneral design parameters are as follows:

  • Wall Thickness:
    • General 7mm, locally 2mm
  • Tolerances:
    • Up to 60 cms item length: Internally (core Side) +/ - 0.25mm,
                                                   Externally +/- 0.5mm
    • Over 60 cms item length: Internally (core side) +/ - 0.5mm,
                                                 Externally +/- 1.0mm
  • Hardness:
    • Semi-rigid Integral skin     Shore A 40- 90
    • Flexible integral skin         Shore A 30- 50