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Utilising the versatility of Polyurethane foam systems we can produce moulded items in:

Medium Density Rigid Foam : These foams with a moulded density in the range of 400 to 325 kg/m3 can be used for a wide range of products from imitation wood, counter or floor standing display units to machine housings.
Medium Density Integral Skin Flexible Foam : With a similar density to the Rigid Foams, by varying the formulation we can produce mouldings with a Shore A Hardness in the range of 30 to 55. The applications can vary from soft cushioning to semi-rigid armrests and end cheeks.
Elastomers : For specialist applications cast solid polyurethane's can be moulded into a variety of applications from bearing seals to bar dispenser tap handles.
Specialist Systems : We can produce mouldings with particular requirements such as fire rating up to and including UL94 V0 or ultra soft padding for anti-vibration applications.