Abbey Products (Norfolk) Limited
Ayton Road
NR18 0QH

T: 01953 602627
F: 01953 601428
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Moulding/Production Services:Whether the quantities required are in the 10's or 1000's, we can produce items as single batches or regular call–offs. Additional services such as assembly, collation, packing and distribution can be provided as required.
Development projects.By working closely with designers or inventors we can help to develop new products from concept to production.
Specialist finishing.Our in–house spray facility can be utilized to finish all mouldings produced, with single and 2 pack paint systems, RFI shielding for electronic applications and specialist effects such as timber or stone finishes.
Pattern & Modelling Our 2 experienced pattern makers can produce prototype models and patterns from 2D drawings or we can supply CNC machined or SLA models from 3D CAD files.
Tooling.Our specialty is the production of silicon lined tools, with silicon or resin cores. Alternatively resin or aluminium tooling can be produced.